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River Baptism at Dickson Valley Camp 

Enjoy The Good Life Part 1

Use this guide to dive deeper by yourself or with your LifeGroup.

Enjoy The Good Life

Review This Week’s Sermon 

​Review Key Scriptures

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
I said to myself, “Go ahead, I will test you with pleasure; enjoy what is good.” But it turned out to be futile. I said about laughter, “It is madness,” and about pleasure, “What does this accomplish?” I explored with my mind the pull of wine on my body — my mind still guiding me with wisdom — and how to grasp folly, until I could see what is good for people to do under heaven during the few days of their lives. I increased my achievements. I built houses and planted vineyards for myself. I made gardens and parks for myself and planted every kind of fruit tree in them. I constructed reservoirs for myself from which to irrigate a grove of flourishing trees. I acquired male and female servants and had slaves who were born in my house. I also owned livestock — large herds and flocks — more than all who were before me in Jerusalem. I also amassed silver and gold for myself, and the treasure of kings and provinces. I gathered male and female singers for myself, and many concubines, the delights of men. So I became great and surpassed all who were before me in Jerusalem; my wisdom also remained with me. All that my eyes desired, I did not deny them. I did not refuse myself any pleasure, for I took pleasure in all my struggles. This was my reward for all my struggles. When I considered all that I had accomplished and what I had labored to achieve, I found everything to be futile and a pursuit of the wind. There was nothing to be gained under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 2:24-25
There is nothing better for a person than to eat, drink, and enjoy his work. I have seen that even this is from God’s hand, because who can eat and who can enjoy life apart from him?

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and enjoy the good life. It is also the gift of God whenever anyone eats, drinks, and enjoys all his efforts.

Ecclesiastes 3:22
I have seen that there is nothing better than for a person to enjoy his activities because that is his reward. For who can enable him to see what will happen after he dies?

Ecclesiastes 5:18-19
Here is what I have seen to be good: It is appropriate to eat, drink, and experience good in all the labor one does under the sun during the few days of his life God has given him, because that is his reward. Furthermore, everyone to whom God has given riches and wealth, he has also allowed him to enjoy them, take his reward, and rejoice in his labor. This is a gift of God,

Ecclesiastes 5:20
for he does not often consider the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with the joy of his heart.

Ecclesiastes 9:12
For certainly no one knows his time: like fish caught in a cruel net or like birds caught in a trap, so people are trapped in an evil time as it suddenly falls on them.

Start talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  • ICEBREAKER: What’s something you hope to see accomplished or experience before you die?

Start thinking. Ask questions to get your group thinking.

  • Which part of this message was most impactful for you and why?

  • Read Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 - When’s the last time you stopped and enjoyed the little things or an accomplishment?

Start sharing. Ask questions to create openness.

  • Read Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 - What is something you have “tested” God with wondering if it would satisfy you more than Him? How did that turn out?

  • Read Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 - What are some of the simple things God has brought you back to that bring you joy through Him?

  • Read Ecclesiastes 3:22 - What activity do you feel led to enjoy instead of complaining about after hearing this sermon?

  • Read Ecclesiastes 5:18-19 & Ecclesiastes 5:20 - Sometimes it’s hard to not envy the rich. What is the true reward in life apart from material gain?

  • Read Ecclesiastes 9:12 - What can you do about tomorrow? What is God calling you to enjoy TODAY without knowing the evil of tomorrow?

Start praying together. Be bold and pray with power.

Father, I give all praise and glory to Your most Holy Name. Help me today as I seek contentment in everything I do. No matter what journey I have to travel, I want to be content, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Where I fall short Abba Father, pick me up, and lead me to victory. I choose to walk with you, always. ~Amen

Start doing. Commit to a step and live it out this week.

  • Pick three blessings (maybe you didn’t see them this way before) and commit to praying in thanksgiving to God three times this week for them. Commit to slowing down and enjoying them as good gifts from your Father.

  • Memorize Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

  • Start the Ecclesiastes Bible Reading Plan using the YouVersion Bible app or online - Ecclesiastes: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

  • Consider how you could love God and love others by serving during the week or weekend https://www.atharvest.church/serve