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Our Ministry Leadership

Oversight Team Left to Right: John Diggle II, Rick Kroner, Paul Dean, Mickey Farlow, Scott Poling

Our Ministry Staff

Abbey Coleman


Andrew Castner

Worship & Life Group Pastor

Beka Wyatt

Office Manager

Bill Maroney

Children, Youth, & College Pastor

Bill joined the Harvest staff in 2007 after a 20-year career in finance at Metlife. 

Bill Maroney, Director of Children, Youth & Student Ministries

Bill came to know the Lord as his Savior when he was in his early 20’s. Shortly after visiting Harvest, Bill and his wife Julie started in 2002 serving in Children Ministries, such as teaching Sunday school, leading in Awana, etc… Bill and Julie have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Where did you grow up & what are some of your favorite things about those years?

Bill: I grew up in Aurora … spent alot of time playing sports and enjoyed playing alot with my neighborhood friends.

What is your “go to” for relaxing? Any music or hobbies you enjoy?

Bill: I will typically read a good book or watch a good movie to relax. As for music, I am more of a news radio guy – I’m not sure who Mandisa is, but I know what Vladamir Putin’s been up to. And if I had a hobby, it would be watching Julie scrapbook.

How did you propose to Julie?

Bill: Neither of us are “grand gesture” people, so it was a simple proposal on bended knee. Thirty years later, I’m STILL happy to report she said yes!

Describe your time with the Lord, any good books, and how you feel about your decision to switch careers?

Bill: I spend time with Jesus in the morning – praying through my prayer journal and reading the Word. I was blessed to read Tozer Speaks – a collection of the teachings of A.W. Tozer.  As far as my career switch, I just love working with God’s children. I’m blessed to do what I love most as a career and I pray God will use me every day until I draw my last breath!

Carla Poling

Women's Ministry Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Chrissy Ault

Cafe Manager

Eric Coleman

AV/Tech Supervisor

Gary Adams

Care Ministries Pastor

Gary joined our staff in March 2012, after a 36-year career in the public sector as a City and County Administrator.

Gary Adams, Care Ministries Pastor

Gary is married to Ann and they have two grown daughters and two grandchildren, one of which lives with them. Gary graduated from Eastern Illinois University and the University of Illinois.

Where did you grow up and what did you enjoy about it?

Gary: I grew up north of Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. We lived in a small rented home on a lake – so I enjoyed boating, swimming and fishing there. My grandparents had a farm and I spent a great deal of time with them, working the land on the farm.

What is your favorite food? 

Gary: Baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and fresh green beans!

How did you ask Ann to marry you?

Gary: We were both freshmen in college when I asked her … I am  just glad she said yes! I barely had enough money to buy a ring.

What does your quiet time look like? Any books that have encouraged you in your walk with God?

Gary: I have my quiet time early in the morning when everyone else is asleep. I am alone with God and I read the Bible, a commentary and/or book and pray without interruption. I recently read Forgotten God by Francis Chan. He encouraged me to embrace the Holy Spirit the way God wants me to embrace Him.

Anything else we might enjoy knowing?

Gary: I am licensed by the state of Illinois as a barber/hair stylist. I have coached elementary basketball and a high school girls fast-pitch softball team.

Heather Gorney

Graphic Arts

Janice Dimas


Karyl Bradley

Children's Ministries Assistant

Karyn Yamanaka

Early Childhood Ministries Director

Lynn Schilling

Celebrate Recovery Director & Event Coordinator

Lynn joined the staff at Harvest in 2000 and has served as the Director of Celebrate Recovery since 2003.

Lynn Schilling, Celebrate Recovery Director

Lynn came to know Christ at age 35 and loves to share her story of hope and a changed life with those who are struggling.  Lynn serves as the North Central Regional Director for Celebrate Recovery. Lynn has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

Where did you grow up & what are some of your favorite things about those years?

Lynn: I lived all my life in Aurora until recently when I moved to Batavia to be near to my grandchildren. When I was growing up, I was neighborhood organizer of kids’s plays and parades. 

What is your “go to” for relaxing? Any music or hobbies you enjoy?

Lynn: I love to read, watch old movies in black and white and go to the beach. I really enjoy antique/vintage “picking” for fun, and singing with worship groups when I get the opportunity.

What does your quiet time look like – when, where, how?

Lynn:  In the morning, I curl up in my living room recliner and have a prayer time and read the Bible along with a couple devotionals – My Utmost For His Highest and a devotional by Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.

Anything else we might like to know?

Lynn: I am the proud grandma of triplet grandchildren (who are 2 years old) and 5 year old super sister! I also have a very random trophy collection from my life – canoe race champion, parade floats, and journalist of the year – to name a few.

Matt Drietz

Youth Ministries Pastor

Matt came to Harvest in 2002 as Youth Pastor and has a deep love and passion for young people.

Matt Drietz, Junior & Senior High Youth Pastor

Matt spent his teen and college years working in camping ministries. It was while working at camp at the age of 16 that he received his call to ministry and developed a deep love and passion for young people.  Matt attended Oak Hills Christian College and earned his B. A. in Youth Ministry, and even better, met and married the love of his life, Amanda.  Matt enjoys serving at Harvest and loves spending time with Amanda and their six children.

Where did you grow up & what are some of your favorite things about those years?

Matt: For most of my growing up years, I lived in southwestern Minnesota. It is a really boring place to live for uncreative people. But I loved it because of all the freedom it provided. Guns, guitars and motorcycles were my passions growing up. Both of my grandparents owned large farms, I enjoyed roaming their lands shooting stuff, driving anything with an engine through mud or any crazy scenario we could come up with. These experiences of “making something to do” out of “nothing to do” has helped me in being a youth pastor since creativity is key to working with students.

What is your “go to” for relaxing? Any music or hobbies you enjoy?

Matt: I love the outdoors – hiking, hunting, etc…! Starved Rock and some local forest preserves are some of my favorite places to be. I also have grown to enjoy “thrifting” with Amanda. She runs an business centered around it, and has provided our family with some cool things through the years, and I have grown fond of “the hunt.”

I am a huge U2 fan, and have a very eclectic taste in music … classical, Holy Hip Hop, worship music, etc…

What is your favorite food?

Matt: Black Angus Beef! I am a definite carnivore. At a previous ministry, a beef farmer would give us half a side of beef each year, and that developed my taste for quality meat. I dream about amazing t-bones and sirloins!

Describe your time with the Lord or a good book that has impacted your spiritual life.

Matt: I am trying to read through the Bible this year, and have committed myself to developing some spiritual disciplines. While I have not yet mastered them, it’s good to make a shift in that direction. I am thankful that I work with students … to help them grow spiritually, I must be growing too.

The most influential book I have read is Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. God has really used that book in my life, and I recommend it to everyone.

Anything else interesting about you, Matt?

Matt: Well, I have webbed toes and can swim like a duck … or perhaps a platypus.

Mickey Farlow

Evangelism, Discipleship, Counseling Pastor

Mickey came to Harvest in 2013. Mickey’s heart and passion at the church is outreach and pastoral care.

Mickey Farlow, Evangelism and Discipleship Pastor

Mickey grew up on a farm near Camp Point, IL, and received Christ at the age of six. Mickey has three grown children and seven grandchildren. Pastor Mickey graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College, Cedarville University, Baptist Bible Seminary, and completed training at Lafayette Counseling Center. Since 1977,  he has served as associate pastor in three churches and senior pastor in two churches prior to Harvest.

What did you enjoy about growing up in Camp Point, IL?

Mickey: I enjoyed everything related to farming – planting & harvesting, livestock, hunting, fishing, 4H, trapping. And I enjoyed playing every sport offered at school.

What do you like to do to relax? Any hobbies?

Mickey: I love to go back to the farm and help my brother. And I still enjoy playing basketball.

What does your quiet time look like? Any good reads you would recommend?

Mickey: I always have my quiet time first thing in the morning. I pray first, then read the Scripture. I usually try to read from a Christian book or commentary. I also listen to the Bible on CD in my car. A recent book I’ve read was The Richest Man Who Ever Lived (King Solomon) by Steven K. Scott.

Anything else we might not expect from you?

Mickey: Well, one of my high school basketball records still stands after 46 years. I also play the saxophone. When I was a pastor in Ohio, I won a celebrity cow milking contest. 

Misty Payton

Youth, Counseling Ministries Assistant

Nancy Buel

Sr. Pastor Assistant

Nathaniel Rohr

Youth A/V

Nick Forshee

Accounting & IT Manager

Pam Taylor

Worship Assistant

Patti Russell

Financial Clerk

Paul Dean

Executive Pastor

Paul attended Harvest for over eight years serving in various ministries prior to joining our staff in 2005 after a 20-year business management career before coming to Harvest.

Paul Dean, Executive Pastor

Paul was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of five. Paul and his wife, Cindy, have three adult children and three grandchildren. Paul earned his Business Administration degree and has taken numerous graduate level finance/business courses over the course of his 20-year business management career before coming to Harvest.

What is your favorite food?

Paul: Pumpkin Pie is my choice. While it is in the dessert column, the pumpkin retains vegetable qualities … so 4-6 servings a day is not out of the question.

What is your “go to” activity when you have some down time?

Paul: I enjoy most outdoor sports activities, especially road biking. I had a run-in last year with a parked car, so I watch out for those now.

How did you propose to your wife?

Paul: I would say that I undershot the runway on this one. I was only 20! I am thankful Cindy said yes to my less than adventurous proposal.

How about music and books?

Paul: As far as music, I enjoy contemporary Christian artists, such as Jars of Clay, Newsboys and Jeremy Riddle. I appreciate the strong scripture messages combined with upward praise. Necessity of Prayer by E. M. Bounds is a book that has really spoke to my heart and given me alot to think about and put into practice.

When & how does your quiet time work for you?

Paul: I have a time of prayer, Bible memorization and study either at home or at the office. I also listen to podcasts from various pastors along with worship music throughout the day and evening.

Scott Poling

Senior Pastor

Scott came to the church in the Spring of 1995.  Scott’s heart and passion at the church is for preaching, evangelism, and leadership.

Scott Poling, Senior Pastor

Scott came to salvation in Jesus Christ at the age of 17 through the witness of a friend. Scott and wife Carla have five children, ranging from 25 to 12 years old. Scott graduated from Cedarville University (1990) and Dallas Theological Seminary (1994).

What is your favorite food and why?

Scott: I love breakfast food anytime of the day – pancakes, eggs, bacon … and more bacon!

When you want to relax, what is your “go to” activity?

Scott: A good 10-15 mile trail run with Scout, my weimaraner!

How did you propose to your wife, Carla?

Scott: We were watching the sunrise on an inlet beach in Strathmere (South Jersey) … where I grew up. 

What is your ideal vacation?

Scott: I love hiking in the National Parks, especially out west, with my wife and 5 kids. We head back to Jersey each summer and enjoy a week at the shore playing, walking and enjoying the beach … along with lots of ice cream (a second favorite food!).

Anything else you want to say – what your quiet time looks like or other things you enjoy?

Scott: My days start early with a cup of coffee and an open Bible – sitting outside on the porch! Carla & I enjoy late breakfasts out on Mondays when the kids are in school. The older I get, the more I enjoy the simple things … a nice fire in the fireplace, feeding and watching the birds and squirrels in our yard … 

Vince Vazquez

Facilities Manager