Due to weather, the church Office is closed Friday, Jan 12th and ALL activities are canceled.

We're meeting in person & online!

River Baptism at Dickson Valley Camp 

Bill Maroney

Oversight Team

Erik Eloe

Oversight Team

Mickey Farlow

Oversight Team

John Diggle III

Oversight Team

Mike Hoorelbek

Oversight Team

Scott Poling

Oversight Team

Our Ministry Staff

Pastors & Directors

Andrew Castner

Worship, Missions, & Care Pastor

Bill Maroney

Executive Pastor

Dave Fox

Elementary & Youth Director 

Karyn Yamanaka

Early Childhood Director

Matt Drietz

Youth Pastor

Mickey Farlow

Evangelism, Discipleship, & Counseling Pastor

Pam Taylor

Administration & Communications Director

Scott Poling

Senior Pastor

Vince Vazquez

Adult Ministries & LifeGroup Pastor

Managers & Supervisors 

Eric Coleman

AVL Supervisor

Luisa Gonzalez

Accounting Manager

Mike Sacenti

Facilities Manager

Nathaniel Rohr

IT Manager

Pete Brandau

Cafe Manager

Support Staff

Amy Chenault

Ministry Assistant:

Carla Poling

Volunteer Coordinator

Charné Tieghi

Ministry Assistant:
Adults & Communications

Corinne Schneider

Ministry Assistant:

Janice Dimas

Ministry Assistant

Jacklyn Campbell

Women's Gathering Coordinator

Judy Albright


Karyl Bradley

Ministry Assistant:
Care & Children's 

Karen Peery

 Executive Assistant, Counseling & Events Coordinator

Kim Bockay

 Women's Ministry Coordinator

Lisa Munsterman

Database Specialist

Lynn Schilling

Celebrate Recovery & Bereavement Coordinator

Nancy Buel

Senior Pastor Assistant

Rob Pryor

Ministry Assistant: Counseling
Receptionist & Ministry Support


Facilities Team

Aaron Delong

David Smyth

Kai Fredricks

Paul Dudley

Tomomi Fredricks


Harvest Deacons

Ryan Anderson

Peter Brandau

Eric Cramer

Callebe Gomes

John Hall

Rick Huseman

Adam Johnson

Marco King

Mike Lamonica

Matthew Leach

Brian Madderom

Cris Pradel

Neal Rozema

Ken Schneider

Shular Scudamore