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River Baptism at Dickson Valley Camp 

Facilities Improvement Team

Caring for the campus where the Church gathers

When God calls people to serve His kingdom, it’s not always out and in front; however, the impact that a behind-the-scenes team like this has on our community can be as deep and lasting as any of our ministries.

This team is vital to the mission of God’s kingdom at Harvest. Our commitment to excellence in preparing all our facilities, from the grass to the classroom, will help people focus on the one reason we come together every week - Jesus.

We consider this more of a mission rather than a volunteer position. It's always more about people than things.


Maintenance Team

If you have a passion to eliminate distraction, this team will give you the opportunity to help create a well maintained, comfortable, and clean environment for all our guests. You’ll be able to serve Saturdays as well as helping our staff during the week and joining a special team on any project day.

Housekeeping Team

If you find yourself paying attention to the details and love creating spaces that make people feel welcome and comfortable, this team just might be your calling. Just like the maintenance team, you’ll be able to serve Saturdays as well as helping our staff during the week and joining a special team on any project day.

Landscaping Team

If you love being outdoors and crave a good clean edge against a curb, you’ll enjoy serving with this team. All year long our fantastic landscaping teams take care of God’s creation and keep it beautiful. You can serve on weekdays and monthly weekend projects which include lawn care, tree care, planting flowers, rock landscapers, weeding, mulching and more.

Transportation Team

If you have a Class C CDL with passenger endorsement and enjoy hanging out with fun people while driving, you can serve youth and adult ministry events along with special activities.

Vehicle | Equipment Maintenance Team

If you get excited at the thought of popping open the hood of a vehicle, your team awaits. You will have the opportunity to service and maintain Harvest-owned vehicles and equipment for safety and reliability.

Are you ready to get FIT?