Due to weather, the church Office is closed Friday, Jan 12th and ALL activities are canceled.

We're meeting in person & online!

River Baptism at Dickson Valley Camp 

We’re excited to be with you each week as we open God’s Word together.

Join us at 9:00am, 10:45 am or 5:45 pm on our website.  

May 3rd: The message is I Am Who I Say I Am.

KIDS: Take a look at the front door to our kid's ministry.  

YOUTH:Check out our front door to Ignite Ministry  

COUNSELINGHarvest Counseling Ministry is open and scheduling virtual/online sessions. If you or someone you know needs someone to come alongside and help by listening and sharing biblical wisdom,start here. 

    1. How Can We Help? Please reach out and tell us how we can be an encouragement to someone during this time. We have a team ready to help! 

    1. Would You Like To Help? If you’re looking for a way to help, we have a new feature that connectsthose that want to helpwith those that need help. It’s asimple as filling out this form and we’ll get you connected. 

INVITE: Continue inviting people to church—they can attend from their home anytime!  This is a perfect time to tell others about Jesus, invitthem to hear His Gospel, and worship together 

Continue praying. God is at work!


Join us in person or join us online

Church is open! Watch this update.

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Saturday Evening @ 5:30 PM

Sunday Morning @ 9:00 & 10:45 AM



Children's Ministries are available during the Sunday morning services only.